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Everyone has something they know well or can do well. And when a person has a skill, there’s always going to be someone willing to pay for it.

BN Publishing helps authors publish more titles. So whether you’re writing a romance novel, a historical fiction, a mystery, action or suspense story, poetry, about business, a children’s book, or any other, we can help you reach your publishing goals.

Besides telling a story, a book is a promotional tool. A book can be likened to a powerful business card since most people won’t throw it out. Authoring a book can give you credibility and status, enabling you to charge more for your services.

With our best resources, we will help expose your talent to the public and publish your book.

Your writing will reach more than 20,000 retail accounts worldwide (chains, independents, specialty stores, and libraries)

Your book will be also included in a physical catalog which goes out to retail stores.



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BN PUBLISHING offers publishing packages and services to suit every author’s needs. Maintain total creative control of your book,from editing and proofreading to cover design and page layout, from distribution and royalties to marketing...

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